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Belimo Releases New Gas Monitoring Devices

Belimo Releases New Gas Monitoring Devices

Belimo announces the release of vehicle emission and IAQ gas monitoring devices to the US market. Belimo Holdings AG acquired Opera Electronics last year and has worked diligently towards a harmonious and seamless integration. The gas monitors provide accurate and reliable measurements, detect and control toxic gases in commercial buildings.

  • An intelligent and standalone peer-to-peer communication protocol provides users unparalleled flexibility to configure and install a complete ventilation control system with only one monitor or dozens operating in multiple ventilation zones.
  • Factory calibrated and can measure one or two gases and control ventilation directly.
  • Communicate (up to 32) via chain network—enhanced communication, enabling expanded system integration and BMS control with BACnet MSTP.
  • The modular, weather-resistant enclosure features a lockable LCD and adjustable audio, light, and strobe alarm.
  • “Plug and Play” interchangeable sensing elements allow for easy calibration and gas monitoring devices to simultaneously measure up to 2 different gases.
  • Combined CANbus and BACnet MS/TP networking allow stand-alone operation or seamless integration into the BMS.
  • Onboard analog outputs and relays allow on-demand ventilation without the need for an additional controller.

Belimo gas monitors are an ideal solution for fresh air control in conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, public spaces, indoor parking garages, municipal maintenance facilities, bus terminals, automobile dealerships, hospital parking for ambulances and visitors.