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Bell & Gossett Integrates Heat Exchanger Selection Program Into ESP-Systemwize

Bell & Gossett Integrates Heat Exchanger Selection Program Into ESP-Systemwize

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, recently announced that it has integrated ESP-Thermal, an online plate and shell and tube heat exchanger selection program, into its ESP-Systemwize selection tool.

B&G launched ESP-Systemwize in 2017 as the industry’s first online selection tool that provides HVAC and plumbing system designers the ability to choose all system components within a single integrated tool to ensure an efficient hydronic system design. Since its debut, the selection tool has continuously evolved to meet the needs of mechanical system designers with added updates advancing efficient system design functionality, such as optimized pump selection, operating cost data, floor space calculator and efficiency ratings. System Designer, introduced earlier this year, streamlines the system design process, allowing engineers to generate a complete hydronic heating or cooling system design – with all supporting documentation and details – and quote jobs quickly and easily.

“Optimizing a system is dependent on products, including pumps and heat exchangers, working together efficiently. Adding ESP Thermal as part of Systemwize allows contractors and engineers to work in one program to optimize the system design and reduce overall cost,” said Jim Klimek, heat exchanger global product manager, Xylem Inc. “Plus, when you’re ready to go, the platform automatically pulls all documentation and submittals you need for system selection.”

Heat exchangers are used in many critical processes to protect other valuable manufacturing equipment, optimize energy consumption and reduce associated operating costs. A properly selected, installed and maintained heat exchanger can help enhance the reliability and efficiency of a fluid system.

Integrating the ESP-Thermal program into the Systemwize platform eliminates the need for a separate selection tool for heat exchangers. The expanded Systemwize platform now automatically pulls all of the information consulting engineers and design/build contractors need to seamlessly incorporate heat exchangers into their designs.

Incorporating ESP-Thermal into the Systemwize platform greatly simplifies heat exchanger selection by providing the following capabilities:

  • Selection of GPX (gasketed plate), BPX (brazed plate) and shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Option to design GPX units to the requirements of the AHRI LLHE certification program and ASHRAE 90.1 compliance
  • Double wall designs for potable water selections
  • Single and dual circuit refrigeration evaporators and condensers
  • Mechanical design options for materials of construction, connection types, and accessories such as insulation kits
  • Design capability and physical properties for over 100 different fluids including today’s most popular fluids in the HVAC industry
  • Ability to request 2D .pdf and autocad drawings and 3D models

“These features allow engineers to easily select the most suitable heat exchanger and optimize their system based on project goals and requirements, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity,” said Klimek.

The new ESP-Thermal selection tool is integrated into ESP-Systemwize and readily accessible at esp-systemwize.com/heat_exchangers. No special user access is required. Advanced features are available to those who register, including saving project schedules, generating submittals, and sharing them with a Bell & Gossett manufacturer’s representative in their area.

For more information about ESP-Systemwize, visit bellgossett.com/thermaldesign. For more information about Bell & Gossett, visit xylem.com or locate a B&G representative here.