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Bradley’s New Hand Sanitizer Solutions Improve Hand Hygiene and Save Costs

Bradley’s New Hand Sanitizer Solutions Improve Hand Hygiene and Save Costs

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., — Encourage convenient and easy access to hand hygiene anywhere in facilities with hand sanitizer dispensers and stands by Bradley Corp., the industry leader in hand hygiene products for 100 years.

Touchless, durable and cost-effective, these stainless steel hand sanitizer dispensers provide reliable access to hand sanitizer within high interaction areas. With its sleek and professional design, Bradley’s commercial-grade sanitizer dispensers are perfect for locations throughout buildings, workplaces, outside of restrooms, near doorways and stairwells, lobbies, cafeterias, and more.

In areas where a wall or counter is not present, Bradley’s 6A20 dispenser stand provides a strong sturdy freestanding solution. It is ADA-compliant with a square base made of 11 gauge stainless steel. The stand is easy to assemble and transport, and features an integral drip tray to catch drips and keep floors clean.

Hand sanitizer dispensers provide flexibility and cost-savings

With a choice of three models, Bradley’s 6A series hand sanitizer dispensers are easy to maintain and cost-effective. Touch-free dispensing options include liquid or gel, foam, or liquid mist, and provide flexibility for changing the type of sanitizer over time, if needed. The dispensers are battery operated with a large and efficient 27-oz. capacity, and are easy to fill and refill. Vandal resistant and tested in high traffic settings for hundreds of thousands of cycles, these dispensers ensure long-term reliability.

The dispensers use bulk sanitizer options, saving facilities up to 80% compared with proprietary sanitizer. Using bulk sanitizer lets facility managers choose the brand of sanitizer they want in the size they need. This eliminates the issue of running out of supply since there is no need to be dependent upon proprietary cartridges that may be out of stock at the local supplier. Bulk also allows each facility to refill based on its own schedule, eliminating the need to wait until cartridges are completely used up.

“Bradley’s hand sanitizer stations are an economical choice for facilities,” said Laura Stang, senior product manager, Bradley Corp. “In only a matter of months, facilities using Bradley’s hand sanitizer dispensers will achieve a 65-80% consumable cost savings, so the stations will quickly pay for themselves, while keeping building occupants’ and visitors’ hands sanitized.”

The health importance of making hand hygiene accessible in facilities

While leading health organizations, such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), say that handwashing with soap and water is the best way to clean and disinfect hands, close and immediate access to handwashing fixtures isn’t always viable. Therefore, experts say providing hand sanitizer stations in multiple locations in public places can help supplement and enhance hand hygiene.

“As more businesses and facilities reopen, Bradley’s hand sanitizer stations are not only a reliable solution for dispensing hand sanitizer, they offer a visual reminder for people to sanitize hands throughout the day and provide peace of mind that facility management supports hand hygiene for all,” Stang said.

For more information, visit https://www.bradleycorp.com/hand-sanitizer-solutions.