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Channellock, Inc. Launches New Line of 1000v Insulated Pliers

Channellock, Inc. Launches New Line of 1000v Insulated Pliers

100% Made In USA and Designed for Optimal Performance

Channellock, Inc. launched its new line of Insulated Pliers designed for electricians and other professionals who need high quality OSHA-compliant pliers for safety on the job.

“Our new Insulated Pliers feature precision-machined knife-and-anvil style cutting edges to ensure perfect mating and superior cutting edge life. The cutting edges are also laser heat-treated to last longer,” said Ryan DeArment, Vice President – Sales & Marketing. “These new Insulated Pliers are made with high carbon U.S. steel for superior performance on the job, and an ultimate rust-preventive coating.”

The new Insulated Plier line includes four tools:

  • 8” Long Nose Plier with a long, streamlined design for precision handling, and XLTTM Xtreme Leverage Technology to enable cutting with considerably less force than traditional high-leverage pliers. The pipe grip design will accommodate many shapes and the crosshatch teeth provide a tighter grip.
  • 7” and 8” Diagonal Cutters featuring strong lap joint construction and a durable diagonal cutting-edge design. The 8” Diagonal Cutter also features XLT technology to improve cutting performance and reduce hand fatigue.
  • 8” Combination Plier featuring XLT technology, crosshatch teeth for a tighter grip and a pipe grip design to accommodate many shapes.

The insulation is impact resistant and flame retardant, and the entire product line complies with IEC 60900-2012, ASTM F1505-16 and NFPA 70E standards. They are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC when working on live parts.

CHANNELLOCK® products are available at quality retailers throughout the world. Pricing and availability vary by retailer.