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Chicago Faucets Introduces Mini Pre-Rinse Fittings

Chicago Faucets Introduces Mini Pre-Rinse Fittings

Chicago Faucets will be exhibiting its newest fittings for restaurant, foodservice and commercial kitchens at the National Food Equipment and Maintenance Show (NAFEM) in Orlando, Florida on February 1-3, 2023.

Chicago Faucets will showcase their Mini Pre-rinse fittings, a line of food service fittings that provides maximum performance in minimum space. The new, compact pre-rinse fittings are built to stand up to the rigors of a fast-paced, high-demand commercial kitchen. A water-conserving pre-rinse valve rinses dishes, utensils and glasses quickly and thoroughly while saving water and energy.

The Mini Pre-rinse is made for tight spaces, with the Chicago Faucets component interchangeability that allows the installer to design and specify the model that fits the unique requirements of each space: restaurant, bar, kitchen, cafeteria, food truck, pantry and more. If the needs of the kitchen change, it’s easy to swap out components like handles, outlets and supply arms. Users can upgrade their fittings any time instead of replacing them.

Servicing the Mini Pre-rinse fittings is easy: kitchen staff can swap out the nozzle and bumper in a matter of minutes or replace the entire pre-rinse valve and get back to business.

To select and customize the pre-rinse fitting for your kitchen, visit: https://www.chicagofaucets.com/products/fittings/pre-rinse.