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CircuitSolver® Sanitary Flush Valve: Protecting Against Legionella Growth in Domestic Hot Water Systems


ThermOmegaTech®, a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating thermostatic valve technology, introduces the CircuitSolver® Sanitary Flush (CSUSF) Valve as the newest addition to their CircuitSolver line. The CSUSF allows for higher-temperature water to flow through a domestic hot water system during the disinfection process to protect against Legionella growth in systems capable of high-temperature flushes.

Nick Tallos, Vice President of Engineering for ThermOmegaTech says, “CircuitSolver technology was already an innovative balancing method for domestic hot water systems. Now, with the addition of the Sanitary Flush, CircuitSolver further stands out as a revolutionary technology with a myriad of applications. With its capability to protect against Legionella growth, the CircuitSolver becomes an even easier and reliable balancing solution. It’s just another step in the right direction.”

The CircuitSolver is a thermostatic, self-actuating balancing valve that continuously and automatically adjusts the flow through each branch of a domestic hot water recirculation system to maintain the specified temperature at the end of each branch, regardless of fluctuations in hot water demand. It is a direct replacement for manual balancing valves and eliminates balancing labor and callbacks. The CSUSF valve uses two high-thrust actuators, a low-temperature actuator to maintain standard balancing temperature, and a high-temperature actuator to allow for high temperature sanitary flushing of the system.

The CircuitSolver Sanitary Flush Valve is tamper-proof and automatically balances any domestic hot water system at a set temperature, while still allowing higher water temperatures to enter for disinfection, preventing Legionella growth. It is the ideal solution for a maintenance-free balancing and high-temperature flush application. The CSUSF is lead-free, stainless steel, and corrosion resistant. The CSUSF valve is NSF/ANSI 61certified,  comes equipped with a long service life and 3-year warranty.

ThermOmegaTech’s CircuitSolver Sanitary Flush Valve is available for purchase through your local representative. For more information visit www.CircuitSolver.com or call 877-379-8258.