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DEWALT Introduces the POWERSTACK™ 20V MAX* Compact Battery

DEWALT Introduces the POWERSTACK™ 20V MAX* Compact Battery

DEWALT announced the global launch of the DEWALT POWERSTACK™ 20V MAX* Compact Battery, a next-generation technological breakthrough that marks a new era of performance for DEWALT cordless power tools.

With the DEWALT POWERSTACK™ battery, DEWALT is the world’s first major power tool brand to use pouch cell batteries designed for the construction industry. This revolutionary design delivers the lightest and most powerful… compact battery from DEWALT3. Features and benefits include:

  • 50% more power1enabling broad application capabilities and fast performance with cordless tools
  • 25% more compact2 and 15% lighter4, designed by DEWALT to provide tool maneuverability, high precision and reduced fatigue when used in tight workspaces
  • Twice the lifespan5 providing the user benefit of more overall investment value

DEWALT Introduces the POWERSTACK™ 20V MAX* Compact Battery “DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX* Compact Battery technology represents a breakthrough battery innovation in the power tools industry,” said Jaime Ramirez, Executive Vice President & President of Global Tools & Storage for Stanley Black & Decker. “Our groundbreaking dependable lithium-ion battery pack represents a new threshold of cordless power tool performance, helping to further realize the full potential of the cordless jobsite of the future. The DEWALT POWERSTACK battery is a significant feat of engineering that reflects a long history of innovation leadership from DEWALT, as well as our relentless pursuit to provide our customers with the best cordless power tool experience on the market.”

In addition, the battery includes several features to optimize functionality. The battery pack has a LED fuel gauge that displays the battery’s state-of-charge, helping the end user avoid unplanned work stoppages, and is designed with a durable, non-marring rubber overmold that provides impact resistance while helping to protect finished surfaces. The battery is ideal for cutting, drilling and fastening applications, precision and finishing tasks, and when working in tight spaces. The DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX* Compact Battery is compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX* tools and chargers in the 20V MAX* system.

The DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX* Compact Battery will begin to rollout to North American DEWALT distributors, retailers, and e-commerce channels beginning December 2021. The global roll-out will continue through spring 2022.

To learn more about the DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX Compact Battery, please visit: www.dewalt.com/powerstack

* Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.

1vs. DCB203 Battery, not in application

2Footprint vs. DCB203 Battery

3vs. DEWALT 20V MAX* Batteries 2Ah or lower; …not in application.

4 vs. DCB203 Battery

5Charge cycles vs. DCB203 Battery