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Extech Introduces Minimally Invasive Video Inspection Camera


Affordable 4.5mm borescope gets to trouble spots through smaller openings

Extech Instruments, a world leader in test and measurement tools, announced today the launch of the BR250-4, an affordable and versatile wireless inspection borescope designed to get into openings as small as 4.5mm while providing bright clear images on its detachable, wireless display. As part of Extech’s “BR” family of award-winning video inspection cameras, the new BR250-4 narrow-diameter camera adds a level of accessibility previously not available on general-purpose cameras. 

 Installation, inspection and diagnostic jobs often require access to hard-to-reach or -see areas. Professionals from industrial and manufacturing sectors to disaster restoration, to HVAC are using Extech’s wireless video inspection borescope cameras to access very tight spots with 2GB capacity to record video or snap photos. By accessing smaller openings or requiring smaller holes to be drilled for access, the affordable BR250-4 is invaluable for simplifying diagnostics and documenting inspections while leaving minimal or no damage in the process.   

Customers use the BR250-4 for a variety of jobs: minimally invasive inspections of wall and ceiling cavities for moisture, insect infestation, electrical wiring and water pipe location; inspections of ducts and obscured areas behind motors and compressors; automotive access around tight engine bays; safety and security inspections, weld inspections, and industrial machinery inspections (gearboxes, molding machines, cylinder bores, etc.).  

Extech’s BR family expands its versatility with a detachable, wireless 3.5” color display. Users can position the borescope as needed to access a difficult location without losing sight of the display. The monitor can be handheld and kept in direct view or affixed to any metallic surface using its magnet mount (included). Alternately, for inspection sites near hazardous or moving components, take the wireless monitor with you and inspect conditions remotely up to 32ft (9.75m) away.   

Captured video (960 x 240 AVI) and images (640 x 480 JPEG) can be viewed on the unit’s monitor or transferred to a computer via the 2GB SD card or USB cable (both included). Additionally, video-out connectivity permits viewing on an external monitor. For instructors, live video from the camera can also be received by the BRD10 wireless USB video receiver for transmission on live internet video streams.  

The BR250-4 features the waterproof (IP67-rated) 4.5mm diameter BR-4CAM camera with a 63° viewing angle and bright, adjustable 4-LED lighting. The camera uses a 39” (1m) “semi-rigid” flexible gooseneck cable which easily retains a fixed shape. 

Owners of BR200 and BR250 video borescopes can also benefit from the new minimally invasive capabilities of the BR250-4 by upgrading their camera probe with the same 4.5mm probe, BR-4CAM, found on the new video borescope.

The new camera is backed by a one-year warranty and comes in a hard carrying case complete with magnetic base stand, microSD memory card and adaptor, USB and video cables, AC adaptor, rechargeable display battery and 4 AA batteries.

Learn more here:  http://www.extech.com/BR250-4.

How to Order: Extech’s new video inspection cameras are available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, please visit our website.  
US: http://www.extech.com/display/?id=15032386024
International: http://www.extech.com/display/?id=17571

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