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FabricAir Introduces Internal 360° Hoops System for 100% Aesthetic Shape Retention in Fabric Duct

FabricAir Introduces Internal 360° Hoops System for 100% Aesthetic Shape Retention in Fabric Duct

Internal 360° Hoops uses fiberglass rods shaped into hoops concealed in internal sleeves to maintain inflated appearance in fabric ductwork.

FabricAir, the original manufacturer of fabric HVAC duct, introduces the Internal 360° Hoops, a shape retention system that holds fabric HVAC duct in a 100-percent inflated appearance even when air handlers are off or in variable fan speed modes.

Internal 360° Hoops consists of flexible fiberglass rods formed into a hoop shape by connecting two custom-length rods using pre-attached steel couplings. Each rod is concealed inside its own fabric holding sleeve that’s undetectable from the duct’s streamlined exterior. The internal sleeve design is the first in the HVAC industry with easy-access external entry point slots at 12 and 6 o’clock that are hidden from view with a covering flap. External access slots make rod insertion simpler and quicker than rival systems that can be cumbersome and time-consuming, because they require internal access by field installers.

Internal 360° Hoops are factory-inserted in fabric ducts up to 26-inch-diameter (660-mm). Larger diameter ducts are shipped with factory-cut rods for quick field assembly prior to hanging. Internal 360° Hoops are the quickest field-installing shape retention system in the industry. For example, a 30-foot-long (9.1-m), 50-inch-diameter duct requires less than five minutes to field-insert seven hoops at ground-level before hanging.

Unlike rival products where internal shape retention systems interrupt airflow, an Internal 360° Hoop’s aerodynamic internal holding sleeve creates minimal static pressure loss, which adds to fabric duct’s energy efficiency superiority over metal systems. Studies prove fabric duct systems have less friction loss and their linear dispersion design is up to 24-percent more energy efficient than conventional metal duct/register/diffuser systems .

Internal 360° Hoops can be ordered in FabricAir’s permeable or non-permeable standard fabrics, both which are applicable to commercial and mission critical applications. FabricAir fabrics are UL and CSA-listed and accepted by all building codes in compliance with NFPA 90A-2018. All of FabricAir’s unlimited color palette hues and graphics, such as patterns and custom logo inscriptions, are available for Internal 360° Hoops.

For consulting engineers and HVAC design/build contractors, Internal 360° Hoops will enhance a project’s ventilation system aesthetics and energy efficiency, while saving up to 70 percent in installation costs versus metal duct. For maintenance staff or service contractors, Internal 360° Hoops is easy to disassemble and reassemble for commercial laundering.

Other Internal 360° Hoops features include:

  • Eliminates distracting roll-out and popping sounds deflated ducts may experience during mechanical equipment start-up;
  • Competitively priced and equal to costs of FabricAir’s All-In-One suspension system that provides a near 100-percent inflated appearance;
  • Spacing is every 20, 40 or 60-inches (508, 1,016,1,524-mm), based on duct diameter;
  • Unlike metal duct, fabric duct with hoops can’t be dented during shipping;
  • Steel connectors are factory-installed and have a midpoint indentation for perfect rod insertion depth;
  • Compatibility with FabricAir’s traditional suspension systems, which utilize cable, H-rail and T-rail methods for support via hooks or sliders sewn to the duct in 20-inch (508-mm) increments;
  • Elbows 70-degrees and more require two hoops for support;
  • Unlike metal hoops, fiberglass rod construction is applicable to any environment, including corrosive natatoriums and industrial chemical plants;
  • Standard 10-year fabric warranty.

For more information on the Internal 360° Hoops or other FabricAir duct products and accessories, please visit www.fabricair.com; email sales-US@fabricair.com or contact customer and technical support departments at (502) 493-2210.

About FabricAir: FabricAir designs and produces custom air dispersion & air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications. In 1973 we installed the world’s first fabric ducting system, which heralded a whole new way of thinking within HVAC and indoor climate. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and proudly deliver superior air dispersion across the globe through sales companies and a substantial distributor network. Our experienced engineers ensure ideal air flow regardless of project complexity. We are headquartered in Denmark and all systems are produced to measure at our facility in Lithuania. For more information on FabricAir duct and accessories, please visit www.fabricair.com; or contact customer and technical support departments at sales-US@fabricair.com or by calling (502) 493-2210.