Home First Wave First Wave Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company Introduces Glass Rinser for Increased Kitchen Efficiency

First Wave Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company Introduces Glass Rinser for Increased Kitchen Efficiency

First Wave Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company Introduces Glass Rinser for Increased Kitchen Efficiency

InnovationFirst Wave℠ Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company is introducing the Glass Rinser, an innovation familiar to bars and restaurants, reimagined for residential homes. The Glass Rinser is the brainchild and first product of First Wave Innovation Lab, a collection of engineers, innovators and explorers whose sole purpose is to ideate and unveil revolutionary products in the world of faucets, showers and related products that change the way people think about water.

“The Glass Rinser is a perfect example of what our Innovation Lab can accomplish, taking a product with longstanding commercial value and reimagining it for use in home kitchens,” said Missi Tate, senior marketing manager at Delta Faucet Company. “Our market research showed us that customers were interested in a solution to more efficiently and effectively rinse items at the kitchen sink, so we decided to make that concept a reality.”

The result is a product that functions much like the one at any local coffee shop but is designed to work in home kitchens. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Versatile and convenient: The First Wave℠ Glass Rinser is simple to use. The rinsing spray is center-positioned to clean out a variety of drinking vessels, such as baby or water bottles, smoothie containers and glasses of all sizes. You push downward. Water jets upward.
  • Powerful, yet sleek: The powerful spray rinses away residue and dust. The low-profile nature ensures it will not disrupt the overall design of the sink area.
  • Effective and simple to install: The rinser is easily installed on sinks alongside any new or existing faucet. The design allows water to funnel directly into the sink with no concern about making a mess.

InnovationTo test these features before mass-producing the Glass Rinser, First Wave Innovation Lab is utilizing Indiegogo’s Enterprise Services, which enables established companies to accelerate innovation by engaging directly with Indiegogo’s global community of more than 10 million users. The Indiegogo users are early advocates and market validators for soon-to-launch products, suggesting improvements and ensuring their success.

“We’re excited to partner with Delta Faucet and its new brand, First Wave, to bring new and innovative products to market,” says Gwen Nguyen, Vice President of Indiegogo Enterprise Services. “The launch of the Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet is another great example of large companies taking a lean, startup approach to testing and validating innovation. Indiegogo and its global community of early adopters are thrilled to be part of this transformation at First Wave.” 

Exclusive pre-offers for the Glass Rinser will be available for a discounted price starting October 22 and through November 19. Following the Indiegogo campaign, the First Wave team will evaluate interest in the Glass Rinser and determine a production strategy.

Learn more about the First Wave℠ Innovation Lab at Delta Faucet Company, and check out the Glass Rinser on Indiegogo today.