Home Plumbing Flo Technologies, Inc. Announces FloPro Program to Build Relationships Between Service Professionals and Homeowners

Flo Technologies, Inc. Announces FloPro Program to Build Relationships Between Service Professionals and Homeowners

Flo Technologies, Inc. Announces FloPro Program to Build Relationships Between Service Professionals and Homeowners

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New program empowers service professionals to leverage Flo’s whole-home leak detection system that promotes maintenance of the home water system

LOSANGELES – March 2, 2018 – Flo Technologies, Inc. today announces the launch of FloPro, a program for select trade professionals to leverage Flo, the first whole-home leak detection system, to grow their plumbing businesses and build relationships with homeowners.

Professionally installed on the main water supply line, Flo utilizes pressure, temperature, and flow sensors along with proprietary machine learning to proactively detect vulnerabilities in the home like high pressure and leaks as small as a drop per minute anywhere in a home. Flo’s proactive technologies monitor the home in real time and run whole-home tests to ensure the home is leak free and protected. If something critical is detected, Flo can alert users via its mobile app, through email, by text or by call and even automatically shut off the water to the home.

FloPro Offering

FloPro provides trade professionals with numerous opportunities to enhance their offerings and ultimately increase customer loyalty. Benefits of FloPro include:

  • Increased Profitability: Plumbing professionals gain a new revenue source at discounted prices when selling and installing Flo to their homeowner customers.
  • Early Detection: Once installed, Flo’s ability to identify plumbing problems provides proactive opportunities for plumbers to diagnose and fix on-going issues. This presents opportunities to build customer loyalty for trade professionals and further prevents water damage and waste for homeowners.
  • Customer Discounts: FloPro professionals also have access to an affiliate program to offer additional discounts and promotions to their customers.
  • Flo Support: Homeowners and professionals gain access to best in class customer support from the Flo Support Team. The Flo Support Team are on hand to provide technical support to professionals, and help homeowners connect with their FloPro professional.

“At Flo we aim to prevent loss – one drip at a time. When Flo detects plumbing problems arising in a home, we promote top-notch trade professionals to help maintain the home and prevent damage,” said Gabriel Halimi, CEO and co-founder of Flo Technologies, Inc. “Flo is a best-in-class solution for detecting vulnerabilities that are key indicators for looming catastrophic problems. With the FloPro program, service professionals are deployed to be the homeowner’s hero and keep homes secure.”

FloPro is available to professionals qualifying across the U.S. For further information and to apply visit www.meetflo.com/pro


About Flo Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2015, Flo Technologies, Inc. is a family company providing innovative and accessible technology solutions that enable and transform the control and conservation of water at home. Flo Technologies has raised more than $11 million through a Series A funding round led by leading VC firm Crosslink Capital, with participation from Anthemis Group and an affiliate of USAA, a financial services provider. The company’s first product, Flo, is a home water monitoring and shut-off system and the first device on the market to sense water pressure, flow rate and temperature while using machine learning to learn homeowner’s usage patterns. For further information visit www.meetflo.com