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Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Debuts New Website

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Debuts New Website

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, a manufacturer of tried and true, high-quality kitchen and bathroom plumbing products, is thrilled to unveil its new website.

At the end of 2019, Globe Union Industrial Corporation, parent company of Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, announced the integration of Danze® by Gerber products into the Gerber brand family.

Gerber is going to market with a single brand voice and introducing all new products exclusively featuring the Gerber brand name, while executing a running change for the transition of existing Danze by Gerber products.

The new website is the next significant step in this brand transition. The site offers more robust functionality, the ability for visitors to engage with the entire line of products in one place, and an overall enhanced experience representing the Gerber brand.

As part of the new website launch, Gerber introduced a new domain name. The United States version of the site is found at gerber-us.com, and the Canadian (in English and French) version lives at gerber-ca.com.

Additionally, gerberonline.com, gerberonline.ca and danze.com all redirect to the new web address for a seamless transition.