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Green Link Engineering Introduces New MetalHead Strut Support

Green Link Engineering Introduces New MetalHead Strut Support

KALAMAZOO, Michigan — Green Link Engineering is introducing the MetalHead, an extremely strong and durable support system for pipes and other rooftop equipment. This product is an aluminum extrusion with a triangular base, topped with a co-extruded channel that can connect with standard strut channel hardware and can be used for fabricating metal walkways and securing large pieces of mechanical equipment.

Designed to outperform standard crumb rubber-based, block-type products, MetalHead is engineered with 100 mil aluminum sidewalls, allowing the base to withstand a 10,000 pound vertical compression over a 47 square inch footprint.

MetalHead’s hard anodized surface is resistant to oxidation, salt spray and mild acids often found in ponding water. A molded urethane pad is integrated to protect delicate roofing membranes from abrasion, or metallic point loading.

“Easily attached accessories include pipe clamps, rollers, and inserts for connecting two or more MetalHeads. These innovative strut supports can be laterally connected for fabricating metal walkways, ductwork supports, and securing large pieces of mechanical equipment,” said Green Link Technical Director Lisa Mulder. “GreenLink Engineering continues to develop innovative products to support our customers’ needs.”

The durability of this product allows the manufacturer to offer a 20-year (material only) warranty. MetalHead’s contain no toxic or carcinogenic material. It can be reused or completely recycled.

Manufactured in Michigan, U.S.A. Patent Pending

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