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Hankscraft Runxin, LLC Expands U.S. Operations

Hankscraft Runxin, LLC Expands U.S. Operations



February 27, 2018

Hankscraft Runxin, LLC Expands U.S. Operations

Company challenges the standard with innovative product launches to position itself for a strong 2018.

Reedsburg, WI – Hankscraft Runxin, LLC is set for growth. The company plans to release a number of residential, light commercial, and heavy commercial water treatment products throughout 2018, giving dealers a comprehensive line to meet the diverse needs of their customers. While new to North America, these products are currently being sold in 100 countries worldwide with great success.

The team at Hankscraft Runxin is backed by nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience. They have been working extensively with their partner, Wenzhou Runxin Manufacturing Machine Co., to configure their products to meet U.S. standards and get them to market quickly. New arrivals include valves with additional features, pre-filters, residential cabinet-style water softeners, filter and softener control heads, a broader selection of accessories and peripherals, and external devices such as ball valves and chlorinators.

Product line expansion is not the only thing in the mix for Hankscraft Runxin. They have also brought on additional staff to maintain the level of service they have become known for as they gain more traction in North America. New to the team is Greg Kirchner, Regional Account Manager for the West Coast. Greg has an extensive background including sales and sales management, application engineering, training, and customer service. He brings a wide range of skills and experience to an already diverse and knowledgeable sales force.

“We’re excited to bring more of Runxin’s innovative products to the North American market,” stated Tyler Stowers, Hankscraft Runxin, LLC’s Director of Operations, “Our team is working hard to develop additional tools and resources for these products, making it easier for dealers to differentiate themselves from the competition”.

Many of Hankscraft Runxin’s innovative products are readily available for purchase. Interested dealers can contact the company at 608.524.9465 or sales@hrh2o.com.

About Hankscraft Runxin, LLC

Hankscraft Runxin, LLC is a partnership between Hankscraft Inc. and Wenzhou Runxin Manufacturing Machine Co. The partnership is based at Hankscraft’s corporate office in Reedsburg, WI, with Hankscraft as the majority and controlling owner. This collaboration formalizes the long-standing, exclusive relationship between the two companies and capitalizes on the strong reputation of Runxin’s complete product line of ceramic disc and hermetic valves.

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