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Help and Education for Homebuilders

Help and Education for Homebuilders

No region of the United States relies on propane to deliver residential heating and energy than the Midwest, with Michigan leading the way—a greater percentage of homes use it here than any other state! The advantages of propane can’t be denied, especially in cold-winter locales—it’s safe, environmentally friendly, heats quickly, and beats natural gas and electricity on efficiency, versatility, dependability, and even price. Plus, there are financial incentives!

When propane is built in, the value stands out. Unfortunately, because a majority of Michigan homes and businesses still use the aging natural gas infrastructure, today’s builders and architects working on new construction and remodels may not be as familiar with propane as other heating and energy sources.

But that’s changing! The Michigan Propane Gas Association and propane retailers statewide take seriously our commitment to partner with homebuilders during each phase of the design and construction process. We provide education, training, consulting, and hands-on assistance so that you can do the job right—and new homeowners can enjoy the full benefits of a home heated and powered by propane.

Incentives for Propane

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) supports the Propane Energy Pod builder incentive program, which can earn qualified homebuilders up to $1,500 per home (on 5 homes per state per year). As this is a part of a research initiative rather than a rebate program per se, participants are required to complete a survey with questions about their business, capabilities, costs, training, etc.

Beyond that, your project may well be eligible for tax credits, rebates, or other federal or state financial incentives for using energy-efficient propane a remodel or new construction. Many local propane retailers will also offer their own rebates for safe installation of tanks and propane products—feel free to call them and ask!

(Need to find a local retailer? Use this handy tool.)

Educational Opportunities

The propane industry proudly supports a variety of free online classes and continuing education coursework for architects, homebuilders, remodelers, and other construction professionals.


Courses are officially certified by the AIA, NAHB, NARI, and USGBC and cover a broad range of topics—enhanced energy systems, community propane systems, outdoor applications, space heating, tankless water heaters, energy efficiency, power generation, environmental sustainability, and a whole lot more.

Fulfill your professional training requirements (for free!) while gaining the skills you’ll need to offer the economic, environmental, and efficiency benefits of propane to yourself and your customers.

Advice and Consulting on Installation

Large, stationary ASME propane tanks can be safely buried with minimal excavation costs, leaving only a small dome a few inches above ground for easy servicing and refilling. Place it behind a row of shrubs or other landscaping, and it’ll disappear right into the background. A single large and centrally located tank can even provide the necessary energy for several connected homes within a development.


Your local propane retailer will be more than happy to help you evaluate the type (stationary or portable), size, and placement location you’ll need for your project. They can also handle the installation and the final gas hookup to the house or houses being supplied. In other words, you benefit from expert advice and assistance from start to finish, from planning to execution.

Connecting with Contractors

We love meeting contractors, and connecting with professionals across Michigan who could benefit from propane as an energy source. The Michigan Mechanical/Plumbing Heating-Cooling Expo is one one of the biggest expos of plumbing-heating-cooling products in Michigan!

This year our propane booth will feature a new propane-powered (UPAS) truck that a local plumber is taking delivery of. Also in the booth will be a tankless water heater and lots of informational materials for conversation starters with contractors in attendance!

As you can see, we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for construction professionals to install and use propane in their new homes and remodels. We want to partner with you!

If you have any questions or want more information on how we can help you with your next project, give us a call today at (517) 487-2021 or connect with us online.