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HVAC/R Leader NAVAC Introduces World’s Highest Capacity Cordless Vacuum Pump

HVAC/R Leader NAVAC Introduces World’s Highest Capacity Cordless Vacuum Pump

NAVAC, the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, charging machines, recovery units and other industry-specific items, has introduced the world’s highest capacity cordless vacuum pump. Suitable for residential and light commercial applications, the new NP4DLM can achieve a flow rate of 4 cubic feet per minute (cfm), among other attributes. The model is the third unit in the groundbreaking BreakFree Series of cordless HVAC tools.

The NP4DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump features a high-performance lithium battery capable of up to one hour of continuous running time. At a scant 15.4 pounds, the unit is exceedingly efficient and, for technicians, easy to carry and store. The NP4DLM’s twin cylinder operation provides high vacuum down to 15 micron. A check valve prevents backflow; other highlights include an isolation valve, a lifting hook and a gas ballast for better moisture handling. Its inlet port fits flares of ¼”, 3/8” and ½”.

The NP4DLM, along with its BreakFree Series family members, exemplifies what for NAVAC has become a one-word product portfolio mantra: user-friendliness. The company seeks to meet a need for simpler, lighter, faster solutions that expedite service without sacrificing accuracy. The two other products in the BreakFree Series are:

  • The NP2DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump is a compact, lightweight unit suitable for residential HVAC systems up to 5 tons with high-speed evacuation hoses. Weighing just 8.4 lbs. including battery, with dimensions of only 2″×3.5″×7.5″, NAVAC’s cordless vacuum pump is convenient to carry for technicians and ideal for applications where power supply access is an issue. The dual-stage rotary vane pump can reach an ultimate vacuum level down to 23 microns, and its lithium-ion battery can operate up to one full hour. The unit has an air flow capacity of 2 cfm, and features a shut-off valve for system isolation.
  • The NEF6Li Cordless Power Flare yields accurate, hassle-free flares in a fraction of the time compared to traditional flaring methods. Equipped with a high-performance, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, NAVAC’s new automatic flaring solution makes flaring faster and far simpler without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. Designed to perform reliably in harsh environments, the NEF6Li Cordless Power Flare also offers variable speed control and quick-connect functionality. It comes in a sturdy blow-molded case with four tube holders, six commonly-sized flare dies, two batteries, a charger, a premium tubing cutter and a deburring tool.

“Today’s techs must execute expedient, accurate HVAC/R maintenance activities in a wide-ranging variety of environments and circumstances, and we see it as our duty to make their demanding jobs as simple and efficient as possible,” said Stephen Rutherford, Director of HVAC Tools Business for NAVAC. “The NP4DLM Cordless Vacuum Pump combines power and precision with ease and portability, and is a welcome addition to our BreakFree Series.”

For more information, www.navacglobal.com.