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New Video: How-To-Install Copper Press-Connect Systems


A Simple Installation Method to Create Strong Joints for HVAC Systems

The Copper Development Association (CDA) released a new video in its “Do it Proper With Copper” video series, How-to: Install Copper Press-Connect Systems. The video provides a step-by-step installation guide on how press-connect systems make it even easier to install reliable copper systems.

Copper tube and fittings have been the preferred material for plumbing and piping systems for decades, but due to labor shortages, tradesmen and women are looking for ways to reduce installation time while still creating strong, sustainable, and leak-free joints in HVAC and refrigeration systems.

“No other piping material can be joined using so many varied methods and can handle as much pressure,” said Dale Powell, project manager and piping applications specialist at CDA. “Copper is truly the most versatile piping material.”

With these no-flame technologies, installation time is reduced while maintaining copper’s ability to provide leak-free joints at pressures and temperatures experienced in normal building services.  One of the newest press-connect systems is specifically designed for HVAC systems operating at pressures up to 700 psig and temperatures up to 250°F. This is well within the pressure and temperature range of most new refrigerants commonly used for air conditioning applications. 

To check out CDA’s newest “Do It Proper with Copper” video, visit CDA’s YouTube Channel. For more information about copper and copper alloys, visit www.copper.org.