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KNIPEX Tools Introduces the TwinGrip Pliers

KNIPEX Tools Introduces the TwinGrip Pliers

KNIPEX Tools introduced its TwinGrip Pliers (82 01 200), the industry’s only slip joint pliers with a five-adjustment push-button. 

The TwinGrip features both front and side gripping areas. The unique front gripping area is ideal for gripping stripped screws and bolts. The jaws of the side gripping area feature opposing teeth that allow the TwinGrip to grip round, square and hex materials with maximum force. With five adjustment positions, the TwinGrip offers a gripping capacity for diameters and widths across the flats from 5/32″ to 7/8″ with just the push of a button. The TwinGrip easily grabs flat objects with its three-point contact system.

The TwinGrip’s slim head design allows the pliers to work in confined, hard-to-reach spaces. Other features include a durable box joint design for great stability and a pinch guard to prevent an operator’s fingers from being pinched. The TwinGrip’s gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth (approx. 61 HRC) and the tool is made of superior high-grade chrome vanadium steel. In addition to non-slip plastic coating, the TwinGrip is available with multi-component grips (82 02 200).

“Over the past few years, we have worked with end users to see how we could make the standard slip joint pliers better. From these interactions we have designed a brand new, uniquely different slip joint pliers that we are excited to finally introduce to the market,” said Peter A. Grable, senior product manager for KNIPEX Tools. “The TwinGrip features a push-button adjustment and two-way gripping design, which allows users to grab onto damaged and stripped bolts and fasteners with ease, speed and confidence. Its flexibility, versatility and superior grip strength makes it perfect for any toolbox and one of KNIPEX’s most exciting releases to date.”

To view a video of the TwinGrip pliers, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=606DTH1NsJk