Home HVAC Midea Introduces EVOX Central Inverter Heat Pump System

Midea Introduces EVOX Central Inverter Heat Pump System

Midea Introduces EVOX Central Inverter Heat Pump System

According to the most recent BSRIA report, over 45 percent of central HVAC systems have been in use for more than 10 years and 87 percent of consumer needs are for home HVAC upgrade or replacement, representing a huge market opportunity for today’s HVAC industry. However, the suppliers and contractors will not be able to rely on the same products they have used in the past as an increasing focus on decarbonization, electrification and energy efficiency standards in 2023 and beyond are driving the industry to transform to meet more environmental future.

Midea, the world’s largest producer of major appliances, launched the new Midea EVOX central inverter heat pump system because HVAC service providers need flexible and advanced product solutions that can address their need to supply an upgraded experience in homes and meet the evolving SEER standards – all without adding excessive cost burden to consumers.

The Midea EVOX System is one of the most compatible inverter technology products in the industry today and despite having some of the highest energy ratings, is very competitively priced – making it easier for suppliers and contractors to stock, sell and install a superior HVAC option,” said David Rames, Senior Product Manager, Midea America. The system’s market potential has been proved “our EVOX Central Inverter Heat Pump system was introduced first-hand to many builders and contractors at events like the International Builders Show (IBS) and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) convention. When contractors saw what the products had to offer, they were eager to learn more and 98 percent of visitors to our booth said they liked the product and 100 percent expressed interest in future product trial opportunities.”


While most inverter AC products on the market in the U.S. focus on only the highest SEER ratings and highest price point, Midea EVOX provides contractors and suppliers with an inverter product lineup that ranges from 18-20 SEER with more affordable pricing that makes it much more attractive for a much larger number of homeowners. Few residential market high performance heat pump products today can match the expansive system capacity, superior heating performance and high energy efficiency of EVOX cold climate heat pumps, and certainly not at the more affordable price point.


Available in a wide capacity range from 1.5 – 5 tons, all EVOX cold climate heat pumps are capable of 100 percent heating output at -4 degree Fahrenheit. This guarantees the EVOX heat pump can fit almost any housing size and can operate optimally in virtually every climate condition in North America.

What truly distinguishes EVOX is the system’s outstanding performance in COP, HSPF and EER2 ratings, making most EVOX cold climate heat pumps Energy Star qualified products and helping consumers enjoy environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient heating and cooling while saving money. In fact, AHRI estimated that this highly efficient heating and cooling system can significantly lower consumer’s annual energy bill up to 30% compared to a conventional system without sacrificing comfort.

“An added benefit and selling point for EVOX is the U.S. Government’s push for advanced, green-source systems which is encouraging consumers to change to highly efficient heat pumps with very attractive consumer rebates and incentives – which many of our products are eligible for,” added Rames.


Designed in close collaboration with U.S. HVAC contractors, the EVOX system also a game changer thanks to its unprecedented flexibility, providing versatile solutions to solve many of the most pressing barriers for contractors and consumers including the ability to mix and match with existing equipment (even non-communicating) and the ability to adapt to most installation conditions.

Midea’s industry first BI-COM technology enables the EVOX Inverter Heat Pump System to work with the EVOX communicating wall control or to compatible with existing 24V thermostats or smart/learning controls such as Nest and Ecobee, among many others. As a result, the EVOX System can be installed as a complete set or added in components to existing HVAC systems, without changing current duct design, refrigerant lines or communication wires. Either way, the system can function effectively as a communicating inverter combination.

High compatibility provides suppliers and contractors with flexible and attractive options to present homeowners in terms of upgrades and budgets, including installing a full EVOX system or pairing EVOX components with existing air handlers or heat pumps.


“Our Louisville KY-based R&D and product development teams consistently work with our U.S. contractors and suppliers to continuously improve our product and support materials, as well as provide online distributor and contractor training and same day customer and service support,” added Rames. “Our customers are happy to know they have a direct line to the product and R&D teams here, and since we manufacture all of our own products, our supply chains are more flexible and responsive so we canoffer initial order product lead times of 75-90 days and regular order lead time of just 60-70 days.”

Midea EVOX Inverter Heat Pumps

Available in six sizes from 18,000-60,000 BTUs, many of Midea’s EVOX Heat Pumps are Energy Star compliant and hold a top spot for energy ratings within the industry, with a high coefficient of performance (COP), heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). These side discharge outdoor units support heat pump and dual-fuel heating capabilities, are up to 36 percent quieter, are less prone to natural debris, require less rear clearance (twelve inches vs. 24 inches with traditional units), and are up to 50 percent smaller than conventional units, making them perfect for limited installation spaces. Because of their compact size, these units also cut down on costs by taking up less room during shipping, in the warehouse and in contractor vehicles. Media EVOX offers two levels of heat pumps including:

  • EVOX M-POWEVI – designed specifically for areas that experience extreme cold, the EVOX M-POWEVI can deliver 100 percent or more heating output down to -4°F and is capable of superior heating performance down to -13°F outdoor temperatures
  • EVOX Cold Climate Heat Pump – able to deliver 100 percent heating output at 5°F, ensuring uninterrupted warmth for moderate winters

For colder months or optimizing operational cost, EVOX systems can also be paired with existing gas

For colder months or optimizing operational cost, EVOX systems can also be paired with existing gas furnaces to provide a reliable source of heat under the most extreme climates.

Midea EVOX Air Handling Units (AHU)

By delivering the right amount of airflow The EVOX AHU can effectively reduce energy waste due to excess airflow. Computational Constant Airflow (constant CFM Blower) enables airflow to automatically adapt to the existing ductwork designs and issues caused by blocked coils, dirty filters and improper duct sizing by adjusting output power and fan speeds. Easy to maintain, EVOX AHU’s offer both horizontal and vertical installations options, a removeable slide-out blower, intelligent diagnostics and easy access to the adaptive control system for easy maintenance and repair.

Available in sizes from 1.5 – 5 tons, EVOX AHUs feature computational constant air flow up to 0.8 in. wc, stand pressure up to 1.0 in. wc, a corrosion resistant aluminum evaporator coil and can be equipped with optional auxiliary heat kit up to 25kW. The unit’s dimensions were designed specifically with U.S. contractor feedback to fit inside the existing footprint of most competitor units to ease installation.

For more information about Midea EVOX Single Zone systems, visit our new website. If you are interested in learning more in depth about the products, please contact our product representative Sam Ye at sam@midea.com. For technical and application inquiries, please contact Stephane Bessette at stephane.bessette@midea.com. If you are interested in purchasing a system or product, please contact one of our sales representatives listed below:

  • Denis Liu denis_liu@midea.com
  • Rayan Lo yanjun2.lu@midea.com
  • Stephan Tong stephan.tong@midea.com


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