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NAVAC To Introduce Latest Cordless Power Tube Expander

NAVAC To Introduce Latest Cordless Power Tube Expander

NAVAC will introduce a next-generation power tube expander at AHR Expo Booth #N10331, Jan 31-Feb 2, 2022 in Las Vegas. NAVAC’s battery-driven NTE11L BreakFree™ Power Tube Expander offers effortless, efficient and precision expansion for tubes in the 3/8” to 1-1/8” range. The company also will showcase recent UL Verification for two of its premium recovery units, both of which have been proven fastest in their respective classes based on the latest UL certification data.

The BreakFree™ Power Tube Expander can perform its duties in just 12 seconds with the touch of a single button. Its long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery allows up to 200 expansions per charge, and recharges in just 30 minutes. Other features include an LED flashlight, a battery power indicator and a “Quick-Connect” design to switch expanding heads in just two seconds.

The new power tube expander’s battery and charger are compatible with NAVAC’s previously introduced NEF6LM BreakFree™ Power Flaring Tool, and expander heads from the company’s NTE11H Hydraulic Expander can be shared with the NTE11L via a convenient adapter.

Meanwhile, NAVAC recently received UL certification data on two of its signature refrigerant recovery units. First, the company’s NRDC4M Recovery Unit – the world’s first DC inverter 4-cylinder recovery unit – has been substantiated as the fastest and most powerful machine of its kind on the market, per UL certification data.

Operating up to 40% faster than 2-cylinder units, the NRDC4M utilizes an efficient brushless DC motor and ultra-effective condenser with an oversized microchannel coil and three cooling fans. Featuring dual oil-free compressors, the unit is suitable for all commonly used refrigerants. The NRDC4M recovery unit is ideal for large tonnage commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

In addition, NAVAC’s NRDD Recovery Unit has been substantiated as the market’s fastest twin-cylinder recovery unit, also per the latest certification data. Exemplifying NAVAC’s overall mission of making technicians’ jobs simpler and more efficient, the NRDD Recovery Unit features a brushless DC motor that allows it to provide substantial power in a compact size and weight of just 25 pounds. This DC technology also provides better starting performance under low voltage conditions. The NRDD’s twin-cylinder compressor and oversized condenser with two rows of microchannel coils offer exceptionally efficient vapor recovery.

Another benefit of NAVAC’s NRDD Recovery Unit is its ease of use. Its large, LCD display is backlit for clearly visible, highly intuitive operation, and its modern, sleek appearance give its user the show-worthy confidence of high-precision manufacturing.