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New M18 FUEL High Speed Chain Snake

New M18 FUEL High Speed Chain Snake

Milwaukee Tool is driving innovation by offering the ability to clear clogs in more drain lines at larger capacity with the new M18 FUEL High Speed Chain Snake for 1-½” – 4” Pipes. Featuring a user driven design to provide a portable solution with the power to complete multiple jobs on one charge, the chain snake leverages high speed and chain knocker heads, which are optimized to efficiently clear grease and descale pipes. This tool is the ideal solution for tackling blockages in kitchen sinks, floor drains, toilets and main lines.

“Currently, users are forced to invest in multiple chain snakes to clear all line sizes they encounter, requiring a large investment and taking up more space on their van,” said Lauren LaBreck, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Our M18 FUEL High Speed Chain Snake has the capability to clear clogs in 1-½” all the way to 4” drain lines, along with 75-feet of cable to tackle clogs further down the line. This allows users to do the job that historically required two tools, with just one – setting a new standard in productivity. As a part of our M18 System, the battery technology allows drain cleaning professionals to eliminate the hassle of extension cords, finding electrical outlets, and unreliable drill connections, providing access to power anywhere.”

Delivering full power at max distance, the M18 FUEL High Speed Chain Snake can descale up to 75-feet out for the easiest, most controlled wall-to-wall clean. The chain snake’s user driven design features a variable speed dial and durable electronic foot pedal for more control in the line, along with a mechanical clutch to protect the cable in the application. The partially enclosed drum allows for mess containment and easy access for cable cleaning and field repair. The telescoping handle paired with the durable wheel base gives users the portability needed for easy transportation on and off the jobsite. With the power to complete multiple jobs on one charge, the high speed chain snake can clear up to 150-feet of scale build-up when paired with the includedM18™ REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT HD 12.0 battery packs.

In addition to the high speed chain snake, Milwaukee is launching 1-½”, 2”, 3”, and 4” Standard Chain Knockers, as well as 1-½”, 2”, 3”, and 4” Carbide Chain Knockers, both for 5/16” Chain Snake Cable. The standard chain knockersare optimized to clear grease and soft blockages and are best used in PVC, clay, or fragile pipes. The carbide chain knockers can tackle scale build-up, hard deposits, grease, and tough blockages and are best used in cast iron and other hard-walled pipes. All the new chain knockers have a rust-guard coating and feature stainless steel set screws for corrosion resistance.

Milwaukee Tool is committed to providing drain cleaning professionals with the most portable and versatile sewer and drain maintenance solutions. The company is dedicated to continuing investment in technology to build solutions from the ground-up that provide drain cleaning professionals an easier way to get on and off the job with less hassle, so they can service more calls. Milwaukee offers the only complete lineup of cordless drain cleaning tools and pipe inspection solutions for fixtures to sewer lateral lines. This high speed chain snake is part of the M18 System, now offering more than 250 power tool solutions.