Home HVAC North Park Innovations Releases New iManifold® PULSE!™

North Park Innovations Releases New iManifold® PULSE!™

North Park Innovations Releases New iManifold® PULSE!™

Leading HVAC/R technology company announces revolutionary device for 24/7 HVAC unit monitoring

North Park Innovations Releases New iManifold® PULSE!™ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. – Aug. 1, 2019 – North Park Innovations Group, the manufacturers of iManifold®, a leading HVAC/R diagnostic platform, announced today the release of the iManifold® PULSE!™ , a groundbreaking commercial HVAC monitoring product for contractors and building owners.

The iManifold PULSE! is a leave-behind HVAC analytic device that technicians can install on each unit, regardless of the brand they service. With a nominal monthly subscription fee, the device continuously monitors the HVAC unit and immediately alerts contractors and property managers when the unit’s performance declines or malfunctions.

“The iManifold PULSE! benefits both HVAC contractors and commercial building owners because the money, time and energy saved will allow them each to focus those resources elsewhere,” said Bill Northrup, CEO of North Park Innovations Group. “We anticipate this product will completely revolutionize the way HVAC units are serviced and maintained. It will be like having a trained technician monitoring each unit 24/7.”

North Park Innovations Releases New iManifold® PULSE!™With today’s pressing labor shortage in the entire HVAC industry, the iManifold PULSE! brings a much-needed value-add to HVAC teams across the country, as it will multiply an individual technician’s reach and service capabilities. For building owners, it eliminates the hassle of emergency system shutdowns and repairs.

It’s also expected to reduce a building’s carbon footprint, saving an estimated 12% or more of HVAC electricity that would otherwise have been wasted due to non-optimal operations.

“There are millions of rooftop HVAC units in the United States alone that are not equipped with artificial intelligence of this caliber, so the amount of savings that is now possible for building owners is truly astronomical,” said Northrup. “We’re constantly striving to identify the needs of our customers, and we see the iManifold PULSE! as an invaluable tool that will benefit commercial HVAC contractors and building owners alike.”

The iManifold PULSE! is now available for commercial rooftop HVAC units, with residential, refrigeration, chillers and other applications coming soon.

To learn more about the iManifold PULSE!, visit www.imanifold.com/pulse.

About North Park Innovations Group

Headquartered in the rural ski town of Ellicottville, New York, North Park Innovations is a technology company focused on serving the HVAC industry. The iManifold® PULSE!™ is the newest addition to the company’s iManifold® platform, which includes a data-rich cloud service. North Park Innovations also manufactures the iConnect Training line, providing HVAC and electrical training equipment and curriculum to vocational schools and contractors around the world. For more information, visit www.npinnovations.com.