Home HVAC Panasonic’s New WhisperFresh Select™ Supplies Endless Fresh Air for a Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solution

Panasonic’s New WhisperFresh Select™ Supplies Endless Fresh Air for a Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solution

Panasonic’s New WhisperFresh Select™ Supplies Endless Fresh Air for a Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Solution

Key Messages:

  • Intelligent ECM motor with SmartFlow™ technology, combined with Pick-A-Flow™, provides optimum CFM output for precision whole-house supply ventilation
  • Pick-A-Flow™ Airflow Selector with nine CFM options (50-60-70-80-90-100-110-130-150)
  • Operates as a stand-alone filtered fresh air supply solution
  • Capable of communicating with Panasonic’s acclaimed WhisperGreen Select™ to create a balanced ventilation solution
  • Incorporates high humidity and low temperature dials for easy adjustments in any climate zone
  • HVI certified for use with MERV 8 (FL0815NL1) and MERV 13 (FV-FL1315NL1) filters
  • WhisperFresh Select™ can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, and CA Title 24, and is recognized as 2018 ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient

Panasonic WhisperFreshPanasonic Eco Solutions North America introduces the new WhisperFresh Select™ ventilation fan to offer builders, remodelers, and homeowners a complete whole-house indoor air quality (IAQ) solution. As a standalone or paired with Panasonic’s multi-speed exhaust fans, the new WhisperFresh Select™ brings fresh, filtered supply air from outdoors into the home, and helps create balanced ventilation in tightly built, energy efficient dwellings. This cost effective mechanical solution makes it easier for builders and contractors to meet ventilation requirements for green building standards, like ASHRAE 62.2., as well as ENERGY STAR®.

Panasonic’s revolutionary ECM motor with SmartFlow™ technology ensures optimal CFM output, as rated and advertised, even in the case of a complicated duct run. A high-capacity sirocco motor is used to reduce the noise level for quiet and continuous operation. The built-in Pick-A-Flow™ Airflow Selector provides the capability to customize the ventilation fan for nine different CFM settings and to meet required airflow settings (50-60-70-80-90-100-110-130-150) with the simple turn of a dial. The ability to choose the most fitting CFM level gives builders and contractors the flexibility and assurance that one fan will satisfy a range of ventilation design requirements that meet code and perform as promised.

“Panasonic is constantly improving on our Indoor Air Quality solutions, developing products that are easier to install and customize,” said Patricia Monks, National Marketing Manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “WhisperFresh Select’s precision ventilation helps builders and contractors design beyond code and create healthier living environments for customers across all climate zones.”

WhisperFresh Select offers optional built-in features that allow the installer to further customize the fan:

  • The Reset Button informs the homeowner when it’s time to check and clean the [MERV 8/MERV 13] filter. Convenient light indicator and unobtrusive alarm signal on the access panel resets every time customer changes filter.
  • The Humidity Setting customizes fresh air supply based on humidity conditions of incoming air. Fan will automatically shut off (or not turn on) when the outside relative humidity is higher than the setting on the humidity dial (from 30% to 80% relative humidity).
  • The Temperature Setting regulates air temperature when incoming supply air is too cold. Fan will turn off (or not turn on) when the outside temperature is lower than the setting value (from 15F to 40°F). Fan automatically stops operating when the incoming air is higher than 95ºF.

By providing recirculation filtration and balancing ventilation throughout a home, the WhisperFresh Select helps building professionals design beyond code without compromising interior aesthetics. The fan integrates with central HVAC systems and enhances ductless systems for a complete whole-house IAQ solution.

Additional benefits include:

  • Can be used in conjunction with SelectCycler System™ to create a wired, measured balanced ventilation solution
  • Can be used as a re-circulation filtration device in the home
  • Can be used to create slight positive pressure within the home instead of using a Central HVAC
  • Excellent fresh air solution in combination with ductless HVAC solutions
  • Designed for use in conjunction with furnace blower in Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) depressurization situations
  • Easy installation in new construction or retrofits
  • The WhisperFresh Select™ can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED and California Title 24. Although tested at 0.1” and 0.25” of water column, recent research indicates that .375” is more realistic once duct end terminations are included in the system. WhisperFresh Select has been HVI tested and certified to perform as promised at 0.2”, 0.3” and 0.4” w.g. static pressure.

For more information about Panasonic ventilation fans, please visit panasonic.com.