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Redi Your Way® builds shower pans to custom specs

Redi Your Way® builds shower pans to custom specs

Searching for just the right shower pan for your space, but the standard sizes and configurations don’t quite fit? Redi Your Way is your solution! Redi Your Way can produce shower pans that are made to fit customers’ exact specifications — and ship them within 10 business days of receiving customer-signed specs and payment.

These true custom models are built to any customer-provided specifications. Beyond dimensions, customers can select drain styles and location; cutouts; and height, number and placement of curbs and entrances. Highly engineered Redi Your Way solutions provide numerous benefits to contractors, building professionals and homeowners:

  • One-piece, leak-proof shower pans that require no additional waterproofing.
  • Lightweight makes for easier handling by installers.
  • Can typically be installed by one person in just 15 to 30 minutes. When showers have been pre-framed on large projects, installers are typically able to finish 10 or more in one workday.
  • Tile can be directly set onto their surfaces, simplifying installation and significantly reducing time and labor.
  • Fully integrated drains, curbs/entrances and splash walls.
  • Compliant with all building codes.
  • Require only an inspection for the drain connection to the waste water plumbing.

Redi Your Way is the ideal solution if you’re having trouble finding an exact match among our vast inventory of standard-sized shower pan brands — Redi Trench®, Wonder Drain®, Redi Base® or Redi Free®. A Redi Your Way Concierge is here to help and will walk you through every step of the ordering process. Simply provide the Redi Your Way Concierge with your shower pan specifications, and they will create a custom shower pan that is the perfect size and configuration for your project. “You Design, We Deliver!™” isn’t just our motto. It’s what we do!

Three models of Redi Your Way custom shower pans are currently available, designed to meet a wide range of design aesthetics:

  • Redi Your Way Base® — The industry standard for one-piece directly tiled shower pans.
  • Redi Your Way Trench ® — Integrated linear trench with choice of tileable or designer linear grate tops.
  • Redi Your Way Invisible Drain® — Square tileable drain top makes the drain invisible; all that can be seen is the beautiful tiled shower floor.

In addition, Redi Free® designs are available for each Redi Your Way model, providing barrier-free, accessible entrances.

Call our professional sales team at 855.750.REDI to discuss the best solution for your custom shower needs. 

About Tile Redi
Tile Redi® is the innovator and market leader of one-piece, easy-to-install shower pans that are pre-pitched with integrated curbs and entrances, splash walls and PVC drains. We also offer complementary products like shelves, benches, niches and ledges. As the name suggests, all of our products are Ready to Tile™, meaning installers can set tiles directly onto the leak-proof surface. Our most recent launch, Redi Door®, is a comprehensive selection of glass shower enclosures.

Our goal is to make the shower selection and installation process as easy as possible. All of our products are engineered to simplify residential and institutional shower installation projects for building professionals and contractors, saving them valuable time and labor. That allows them to offer customers an affordable, high-quality, customizable shower space solution. And with so many options available, our Redi Tech™ one-page Virtual Shower Designer™ helps customers easily navigate through the product selection process, automatically calculates configurations and measurements, and provides updated real-time images of the project during each step, as well as the finished design. Learn more at www.tileredi.com.