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REHAU Offers Series of Commercial Mechanical and Plumbing Continuing Education Seminars for Engineers and Contractors


REHAU announces a series of commercial plumbing and heating seminars to be offered as Lunch and Learns upon request to industry professionals throughout the US and Canada. The 1-hour seminars provide an introduction to design and installation of PEXa piping in plumbing, radiant cooling, radiant heating, geothermal and snow and ice melting applications.

“We’re pleased to offer this series of seminars specifically tailored to the needs of specifiers, designers and installers working on commercial and multi-family building projects,” said Max Rohr, manager of REHAU Academy. “Learning about the latest PEX-based plumbing and hydronic heating technologies will not only help these professionals meet their education requirements but may also bring benefits to their next project.”

Seminars are delivered at offices of engineers, design-build companies and commercial contractors by REHAU application experts and can be presented individually or combined into a multi-topic program. Professionals who complete the seminars receive an emailed Certificate of Completion.

  • PEXa Plumbing Systems – This 1-hour seminar explains the material advantages of PEXa crosslinked polyethylene plumbing pipes, discusses how installation differs from rigid piping systems and provides details regarding engineering and code approvals.  
  • Principles of Radiant Cooling – Using engineering information and case studies, this 1-hour seminar introduces radiant cooling as a technology for reducing operating costs and lowering carbon footprints while increasing occupant comfort in commercial applications.
  • Radiant Heating Advantages and Applications – After explaining the types of radiant heating systems, this 1-hour seminar delves into the advantages of radiant heating and concludes with typical applications.
  • Geothermal Piping Technology – This 1-hour seminar explains the role of a ground loop heat exchanger, explores the capabilities and limitations of the two most common geothermal piping materials and compares three common manifold concepts for geothermal systems.
  • Snow and Ice Melting Installation – In addition to addressing time-saving techniques for installing snow and ice melting (SIM) systems with concrete, asphalt and paver surfaces, this 1-hour seminar provides an overview of SIM electronic controls.

To request one or more of the above REHAU Academy commercial mechanical and plumbing seminars to be held at your location, visit http://www.rehau.com/commercial.

In addition to in-person seminars, REHAU is an AIA/CES Approved Provider of online continuing education content for the plumbing and hydronic heating industry. Online courses are registered with AIA/CES and other accreditation bodies for 1 LU (learning unit) and most qualify as AIA HSW (health, safety and welfare) content. Professionals who complete the courses receive a Certificate of Completion and credits are reported to AIA. For more information, visit http://www.na.rehau.com/ceu.

For additional information, contact REHAU, 1501 Edwards Ferry Rd., N.E., Leesburg, Va., 20176. Phone: 1.800.247.9445. Fax: 1.800.627.3428. E-mail: rehau.mailbox@rehau.com. Web site: http://www.na.rehau.com/academy.

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