Home HVAC RenewAire Introduces SA Series of Packaged, Turnkey Static-Plate Enthalpy Core Arrays for Air Handlers

RenewAire Introduces SA Series of Packaged, Turnkey Static-Plate Enthalpy Core Arrays for Air Handlers

RenewAire Introduces SA Series of Packaged, Turnkey Static-Plate Enthalpy Core Arrays for Air Handlers

Waunakee, Wis.–RenewAire®, a leading manufacturer of HVAC and IAQ products, introduces the SA Series, a factory-assembled, turnkey array of stacked static-plate enthalpy cores on a baseplate for energy recovery solutions inside OEM HVAC air handlers in most North American commercial applications. The packaged core with a plenum assembly is the industry’s easiest to design for specifying engineers and quickest to install for the OEM or jobsite assembling contractor.

The SA Series is an alternative to maintenance-intensive and costly enthalpy wheels for controlling latent and sensible load transfer in large airflow applications while also providing building owners optimum energy-recovery. Consulting engineers and design/build contractors can now easily specify a nearly infinite variety of SA Series configurations that will fit the interiors of most OEM air handler models and brands. The SA Series is available in standardized 20-inch core modular stacks ranging from 3 (w) x 3 (h) (2,250-CFM) to 8 (w) x 8 (h) (70,000-CFM). Custom sizes are also available.

Unlike competing core packages that rely on contractors and OEMs to fabricate connection and sealing hardware, the SA Series is the HVAC industry’s only fully-integrated, turnkey static-plate core package designed for single-source responsibility. The OEM or installing contractor only provides sheet metal flashing to connect the array assembly to the air handler’s interiors. The package includes a baseplate, airflow-channeling baffles, interconnecting linkages and impenetrable factory seals for near-zero cross-contamination and bypass of the supply and return air streams. The linkages connect each core vertically and horizontally, and secure the array assembly to the baseplate. All assembly sizes can be factory-knocked down and shipped to the OEM or jobsite for air handler installation in spaces that are cramped or inaccessible for fully-assembled systems.

The SA Series other features are:

  • Ideal for all large airflow commercial air handlers, but especially medical, schools, labs, convention centers and other applications where IAQ is critical;
  • Optimized core face area air distribution can be channeled for either side-to-side or over-and-under configurations;
  • Less static pressure reduction versus wheels and near-zero cross contamination in accordance with AHRI-1060;
  • Specifying engineers need to only know outdoor air and exhaust air conditions as RewnewAire’s factory engineering department provides all other calculations and sizing.

RenewAire’s proprietary static-plate enthalpy cores is its competitive edge. It operates at a low EATR without requiring energy-intensive purge cycles. With no moving parts, the failsafe static plate dehumidifies more efficiently versus enthalpy wheel technology, which requires parasitic power for motorized rotation. While wheel technology inherently suffers maintenance and reliability costs, RenewAire’s static plate cores boast the HVAC industry’s best uptime performance.

For more information, please visit www.renewaire.com or email: marketing@renewaire.com or call 800-627-4499.

About RenewAire:  For more than 35 years, RenewAire® has been a pioneer in improving human health, cognitive function, productivity and wellbeing by enhancing indoor air quality via energy recovery ventilation technologies. This is accomplished energy-efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably with fifth generation static plate enthalpy core energy recovery ventilators and dedicated outdoor air systems.  For more information, visit www.renewaire.com, email: marketing@renewaire.com or call (800) 627-4499.