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Rheem Introduces High-Efficiency Compact Combination Boiler


New ENERGY STAR Certified Combi Boiler Saves Valuable Space, Time and Money for Homeowners

The Professional Prestige® Combination Boiler from Rheem® is the latest innovation to the company’s expanding high-efficiency product portfolio. With its compact design, Rheem’s Combi Boiler is suited for smaller homes or multifamily applications to free up valuable space without sacrificing optimal performance. The ENERGY STAR® certified Combi Boiler from Rheem is a modern and efficient solution for today’s homeowners’ hydronic heating and hot water needs.

“Our new Professional Prestige Combi Boiler combines two essential appliances with one cost-saving solution – and no sacrifices,” said Stacey Scott, Tankless Marketing Manager at Rheem. “Designed to perform at the industry’s highest efficiency levels, the Combi Boiler provides homeowners with reliable space heating and continuous hot water at reduced utility costs while occupying a smaller footprint.”

At 95 percent AFUE, the Combi Boiler is over 15 percent more efficient than standard boilers on the market. The higher efficiency is a result of the Combi Boiler’s ability to extract more heat from the unit’s exhaust gases, which makes the system eligible for local rebates up to $1,600.[1] Additionally, the innovative design allows for the use of PVC venting options, which increases flexibility for easy installations and reduced labor costs.

Other advanced features include the Outdoor Reset Sensor, which senses outdoor temperatures and adjusts the boiler accordingly, and when combined with the built-in Auto Boost Feature, Rheem’s Combi Boiler will automatically boost the hydronic loop to reach the desired temperature faster. Furthermore, the Combi Boiler is equipped with Water Leak Detection and Gas Leak Detection capabilities for added protection and peace of mind.

For more information, visit www.rheem.com.