Home Plumbing Rheem Introduces Triton™: The Industry’s Most Intelligent Commercial Gas Water Heater

Rheem Introduces Triton™: The Industry’s Most Intelligent Commercial Gas Water Heater

Rheem Introduces Triton™: The Industry’s Most Intelligent Commercial Gas Water Heater

Design Guided by Plumbers, Perfected by Rheem Engineering
Revolutionizes the Industry as the First Smart Water Heater That Eliminates Emergencies, Detects and Prevents Problems Before They Occur

rheem_tritonRheem® has introduced the most intelligent high-efficiency commercial gas water heater on the market. With built-in smart monitoring technology, universal retrofit features and an all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system, Rheem® Triton™ is setting a new standard for efficiency, performance, and durability in commercial water heating solutions.

The design of Triton was influenced by feedback from plumbers who worked with Rheem to identify the top installation, service and maintenance concerns for commercial applications. Being able to prevent problems before they occur was among the top issues for commercial customers, which is why Triton is equipped with the industry’s most advanced and accurate leak detection and prevention system. Factory installed to ensure proper alignment and accuracy, this system can catch a leak the size of a grain of sand and will allow no more than 24 ounces of water to escape into a vacuum lock before automatically shutting off and sending an immediate text alert. The integrated leak detection and prevention program is an industry first.

“The ability to detect and prevent problems before they occur is an absolute game changer for our industry,” said Tom Wujcik, VP of Sales at Rheem. “The financial impact of water damage can be devastating to a business. Any downtime, for a failure or for maintenance, is a loss for businesses, so having a smart product that identifies service issues or failures before they occur gives building owners and operators greater piece of mind.”

Some of the built-in performance features of Triton™ include:

Eliminating emergencies with:

  • EcoNet® smart monitoring technology that provides systematic health checks and preventive maintenance service alerts with integrated WiFi for remote monitoring and alerts,
  • Integrated BMS connectivity via a built-in BACnet port for additional monitoring capabilities through the building management system.
  • Easily replaces any competing brand with:
  • Multiple (5) water connection points,
  • Flexible venting options including flex vent that makes conversion from standard to high efficiency gas much more cost effective. These universal retrofit features make it easy for plumbers to replace any competitor brand – ideal for new construction, replacement and manifolded scenarios.
  • Triple pass heat exchanger constructed of ASME-grade steel and advanced power anode, minimizing rust and corrosion and maximizing the life of tank.
  • A patented-pending condensate neutralizer reduces water acidity for safe drainage and minimal corrosion.
  • Energy-saving scheduling feature adjusts to heat the water only during peak operating hours.
  • Lasts five years longer than the industry standard.

Triton is available in Base and Premium models with 80- and 100-gallon capacities.