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Saniflo Expands Condensate Pump Offering

Saniflo Expands Condensate Pump Offering

Saniflo U.S.A. has introduced a sleek, lower-profile version of its Sanicondens Best condensate pump, with nearly double the tank volume and capable of serving multiple mechanical systems, up to a total of 500,000 Btu per hour.

Like its two-in-one predecessor, the new Sanicondens Best Flat combines a condensate pump with pH-neutralizing pellet tray into a single, space-saving, environmentally friendly solution for today’s ultra-high-efficiency condensing equipment, both residential and commercial: boilers, water heaters, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and other appliances.

Why neutralize? Condensing technology saves energy by maximizing the amount of heat energy transferred to the water during the combustion process. A by-product of this high-efficiency process is water, or condensate, that tends to be acidic because of the chemical reaction caused by the heat of the gas burner. The higher the efficiency rating, the higher the acid level in the water runoff.

If this runoff drains through a home’s or a building’s plumbing system, piping could corrode over time. Pumping the waste outdoors or into sanitary sewers could contaminate the groundwater or degrade the local water infrastructure. For homes with septic tanks, condensate waste might also destroy the good bacteria that is essential to keeping the system operating properly.

Built-in neutralization: But the Sanicondens Best Flat uses a built-in neutralizer to boost the pH of the acidic condensate before it can be discharged into a drain line — thus preventing corrosion. Its streamlined design incorporates two 1-inch inlets: on the side and the other on the top near the neutralizer tray. Condensate entering the system automatically activates a float mechanism that, in turn, starts the motor whose spindle/shaft drives the impeller. The condensate is neutralized as it comes into contact with the neutralizer pellets in the tray before being pumped safely away through a 3/8-inch discharge line into the sanitary sewer or a septic tank.

Not all condensate requires neutralization, however. In these instances, drainage can be routed into a third inlet, located on the top of the Sanicondens Best Flat near the discharge line. This drainage bypasses the neutralizer pellets and moves directly to the pump impeller, where it is immediately discharged.

Made of a durable polypropylene, the 12-pound Sanicondens Best Flat may be installed on a level floor surface or wall-mounted, using a plastic mounting guide. This guide is first screwed into the wall, so that the condensate pump can easily slide into it. “It is a very simple installation,” says Saragosti.

Saniflo Expands Condensate Pump Offering

Key features: The built-in tank of the Sanicondens Best Flat has a capacity of 0.9 gallons, or nearly a half-gallon more than the 0.55-gallon tank in the Sanicondens Best. This larger volume maintains longer contact between the condensate and the neutralizing pellets, allowing the unit to handle fixtures with higher BTU inputs.

In addition to its built-in acid neutralizer, which conforms to many state and local codes requiring condensate treatment, the Sanicondens Best Flat incorporates many other important features found in the predecessor model:

Accommodates multiple systems: Suitable for new or existing applications, the three inlets of the Sanicondens Best Flat can handle condensate from more than one system at a time; e.g., a boiler and a water heater.

Easy-to-connect discharge line: The pump inside the Sanicondens Best Flat moves the condensate through a flexible vinyl hose to a PVC discharge pipe, both measuring ⅜ inches in diameter. The product ships with 20 feet of vinyl hose that connects to the discharge line, using a 3/8-inch barbed x 3/4-inch male-end plastic reducer, also included with the system.

Long pumping distances for greater installation flexibility: The unit can discharge condensate 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally – or a lesser combination of these two distances. (A vertical run of three feet is equal to a horizontal run of 30 feet.)

Time-saving, factory-installed check valve: The discharge line connects to a non-return check valve built into the unit, keeping water from flowing back inside and reactivating the pump. This factory-installed valve saves technicians time and extra expense on the job site.

Excess water alarm: The Sanicondens Best Flat includes a ready-to-wire connection to an external overflow switch that will shut down a mechanical system or alert the homeowner if the water level inside the unit rises too high.

Certified for U.S. and Canada: The Sanicondens Best Flat is certified by CSA International for use in both the United States and Canada. Saniflo warranties the pump, including all electrical components, for three years.