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Speakman Now Offers Garbage Disposals and Sump Pumps

Speakman Now Offers Garbage Disposals and Sump Pumps

Speakman, a manufacturer of premier plumbing products, adds garbage disposals and sump pumps to its expanding offering. Known not just for its outperforming shower heads but also for reliable innovation in safety and commercial grade fixtures, Speakman makes it easier to source all essential plumbing products from one go-to trusted brand.

“Garbage disposals and sump pumps are indispensable products in most homes,” says Adam Horwitz, Chief Marketing Officer. “Pursuing our goal of serving our residential customers with a full line of high-quality plumbing products, we’ve added these two staples to our offering.”

Speakman Garbage Disposals

Reliable and durable, the Speakman garbage disposals finely grind everyday food waste to easily wash it down the kitchen sink. The continuous feed technology is powered by a durable 1700-rpm magnet DC motor available in ½ or ¾ horsepower to accommodate different needs.

Measuring just seven inches in diameter, the compact unit design saves the homeowner precious storage space under the sink while offering large capacity. It is fully insulated and operates quietly.

For ease of installation, a pre-installed 30-inch power cord is included. It can easily be removed for optional hardwiring. The garbage disposals can be used with or without a connection to a dishwasher and carry a five-year warranty.

Speakman Now Offers Garbage Disposals and Sump PumpsSpeakman Sump Pump

Speakman’s new residential sump pump is a single piece cast iron body and is equipped with a ½-horsepower continuous-duty operation motor with permanent split capacitator and integrated thermal protection switch. A supported switch rail delivers dependable activation minimizing the risk for costly water damage in residential homes.

Thanks to a vertical float switch the sump pump can easily be positioned in tight spaces and smaller sump pump pits making it suitable for most applications. It is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

For more information, visit speakman.com.