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Superior Sensor Technology Launches Advanced, Differential Low Pressure Sensors for Industrial HVAC Equipment


Multi-Range™ Technology Supports Up to Seven Pressure Ranges in a Single Sensor

Superior Sensor Technology today announced the industry’s highest performing, application specific, low pressure sensors for industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The Company’s new HV Series Sensors use a proprietary Multi-Range technology to achieve the industry’s broadest dynamic range while maintaining up to a 10x performance improvement over competing solutions. The HV Series Sensors can be calibrated and performance optimized from a 25 Pa to 2500 Pa pressure range while maintaining 0.1% accuracy at each selected range, enabling HVAC manufacturers to replace up to seven sensors with a single HV Series Sensor.

“Competing solutions require customers to buy three to seven single range pressure sensors to cover their full range of pressure requirements,” said Jim Finch, CEO and Co-Founder, Superior Sensor Technology. “With our advanced technology, customers can now replace three to seven inventory and build SKUs with a single sensor with up to 10 times better performance at every calibrated pressure range, offering additional significant manufacturing and installation cost savings.”

The HV Series Sensors are based on the NimbleSense™ architecture, an integrated platform combining advanced piezoresistive sensing elements, analog signal path, processing intelligence and proprietary integration techniques to create the industry’s highest performing sensor solutions. Using this proprietary architecture, the company has developed low pressure sensors capable of supporting +/-25 Pa Full Scale Span (FSS) while maintaining 0.1% accuracy. NimbleSense™ architecture also results in up to a 10 times improvement in Total Error Band and accuracy over leading competitive solutions.

“Our extensive testing of Superior Sensor Technology’s HV Series family demonstrates a new performance standard for the low pressure sensing industry,” said Mikko Ristilä, Director of Research and Development, HK Instruments. “The accuracy, Total Error Band and overall improved performance of these low pressure sensors will be central to a planned future family of HK Instruments products.”

Multi-Range technology coupled with a uniquely, programmable HV Series Sensor makes system installations much easier and more cost effective.  “Using our sensor technology, manufactures can now more easily develop a single Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) solution that can be programmed in the field to support multiple pressure ranges. This will reduce onsite DPT inventory requirements by installers, making installation more efficient and less expensive,” commented Finch.

Superior Sensor Technology’s HV Series Family: The Company is introducing three pin compatible HV Series Sensors to support varying HVAC pressure requirements for Differential Pressure Transmitters, positive pressure modules, variable airflow valves and airflow monitor systems.  Standard product family features include pressure range support from 25 Pa to 5000 Pa with Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) >19 Bits, 16 bits output resolution for each selected range, 50/60 Hertz notch filter, programmable bandwidth filters from 0.1 to 10 Hz, 0 to 50 degrees C compensated temperature range and standard I2C and SPI digital interface support. The sensors are available in production volumes today and unit pricing is based on shipment quantities.