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Taco Introduces SmartPlus-e™ ECM Hot Water Recirculation


SmartPlus-e is a high-efficiency domestic hot water recirculation system, new from Taco Comfort Solutions®. It’s ideal for application with a dedicated hot water return line and tank-style water heater.

The SmartPlus-e pairs a 006e3™ ECM hot water circulator with the intelligence of Taco’s Smart Plug Instant Hot Water Control® in one easily-installed package. The 006e3 circulator uses up to 85 percent less electricity than a conventional circulator, and the SmartPlug learns hot water usage patterns and delivers hot water when it’s needed, reducing energy use and extending the life of the water heater.

The 006e3 ECM hot water circulator is designed to make installation and operation of domestic hot water recirculation systems easier and more efficient. It has a dial to select from three performance curves to best match the application, and a setting selection guide to make the choice simple.

The pump’s compact design is ideal for tight spaces, and multiple connection options are available. A temperature sensor is included.

For more information, visit www.TacoComfort.com