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Gerber Introduces Treysta™ Tub and Shower Valve

Gerber Introduces Treysta™ Tub and Shower Valve

Engineered for ease of installation, saving professionals time and money 

Gerber TreystaGerber, a leader in plumbing products across North America, has launched one of the industry’s most innovative and flexible tub and shower valves. In an effort to help professionals work smarter, not harder, the new Treysta™ rough-in valve system is built to accommodate varying requirements plumbers face on site in a range of installations.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect this valve, fine-tuning it based on input and testing of plumbing professionals in the field,” says Katie Hayes, senior product manager. “With more than 85 years of experience to draw upon, we’re proud to incorporate the Gerber performance and reliability into this product that people have come to expect from all our products.”

Treysta Features and Benefits

Multiple features within the new valve system are patent pending. A complete list of features and benefits include:

  • Gerber Treysta FrontRevolutionary Vertical Inlets – Treysta’s vertical inlets allow for maximum flexibility in the wall, and can install next to a stud in PEX applications greatly reducing the need for reframing.
  • Easy Installation and Access – With an easy-access mounting system and an innovative plaster guard with integrated depth indexing, Treysta is engineered for smooth and quick installation.
  • Intuitive Quarter-turn Service Stops – Treysta features quarter-turn service stops that open and close with a flat head screw driver in the slot or pliers on the flat sides for ease of maintenance.
  • Easy Pressure Testing Capability – The unique, reversible test plug accommodates full system tests, as well as hot, cold and cross-flow tests.
  • Flexible and Adaptable for Different Environments – Treysta has a solution for “with” and “without” stops, and accommodates back-to-back installations and reversed hot and cold inlets, as well as IPS / sweat, Cold Expansion PEX, and Crimp PEX applications.
  • Secure and Level Mounting – The compact, brass-forged body of the valve features integrated mounting holes for a firm and secure hold, and the flat top plane of the plaster guard allows it to install level with the floor.
  • Innovative Common Platform – Treysta uses a common platform of pressure balance cartridge for all configurations, meaning a single cartridge fits in all valve bodies.
  • Fully Compatible Danze® by Gerber Trim – Danze by Gerber trim has been updated to include the Treysta pressure balance cartridge, which will ultimately minimize cartridge damage during rough-in installation.

For more information about the Treysta valve from Gerber, visit treysta.gerberonline.com.