Home Milwaukee Tool It Climbs Stairs! New Milwaukee® MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine Simplifies Sewer Calls

It Climbs Stairs! New Milwaukee® MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine Simplifies Sewer Calls

It Climbs Stairs! New Milwaukee® MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine Simplifies Sewer Calls

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool is proud to announce a new solution that simplifies sewer calls for sewer and drain maintenance professionals – the MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ™. Part of the new MX FUEL™ Equipment System*, this machine is built with POWERTREDZ™ Lift Assist technology which makes it easier for one person to transport the machine up and down stairs, as well as in and out of service vans. In addition, the machine has the power to clear roots 200 ft out while containing the mess with a fully enclosed drum.

“Imagine the strain of hauling a 200 lb sewer machine up an entire flight of stairs or pulling it up into a van. Unfortunately, this is a daily situation for many professionals on sewer calls – and in order to avoid throwing out their backs (or worse) they’ll often have to bring an extra person just to help with transportation of the machine,” said Kathleen Keegan, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine is the first solution that allows for one-person transportation of these heavy sewer lateral machines through the implementation of our POWERTREDZ™ Lift Assist technology, reducing the strain of lifting a 200 lb machine and improving overall productivity and safety for users.”

While mobility is one of the largest frustrations with these jobs, every aspect of the MX FUEL™ Sewer Drum Machine is designed around increasing productivity from the moment the user arrives on-site, until the job is complete and the machine is loaded back into the van.

The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor provides full power at the maximum capacity of the machine, allowing users to clear roots up to 200 ft out in 3” – 8” sewer lateral lines. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence improves control with an integrated drum brake, and the MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ battery pack powers through multiple jobs on a single charge, delivering the easiest setup and transport. In addition, the elimination of extension cords enhances user safety due to trip hazards or cords near standing water.

The CABLE DRIVE™ Automatic Feed and Retract reduces user fatigue by eliminating the need to manually pull back the heavy cable from pipes. The RAPID STOP™ button quickly releases the CABLE DRIVE™ bearings to help prevent the cable from binding. The fully enclosed drum eliminates contact between the user and the spinning drum, and contains the mess coming back through the pipe.

As an added benefit, ONE-KEY™,** provides the ability to track the machine with community tracking and alerts, complete inventory management, and industry leading smart-equipment technology to secure the user’s investment.

Milwaukee Tool is committed to providing the most portable and versatile drain cleaning solutions. The company is dedicated to continuing investments in technology to build solutions from the ground-up that provide these users with an easier way to get on and off the job, with less mess, so they can service more calls. Currently, Milwaukee offers the only completely cordless drain cleaning lineup for fixtures to sewer lateral lines, as well as cables with the maneuverability and durability to tackle the clogs.

*The MX FUEL™ Equipment System: This groundbreaking cordless system revolutionizes the light equipment market by delivering the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of gas maintenance. Each of the solutions on the MX FUEL™ System go beyond the limitations of gasoline and power-cord units and operate off one completely compatible system all on the same battery. This is Equipment Redefined.

**ONE-KEY™ is the first digital platform for tools and equipment. By integrating industry-leading tool electronics with a custom-built cloud-based program, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that revolutionizes the way work gets done. The ability to customize, track, and manage through ONE-KEY™ fundamentally changes the way users interact with their tools.

Additional accessory cables and attachment heads available. Check www.milwaukeetool.com for a full listing.