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Mansfield Plumbing Adds High-Efficiency Vanquish to Its Easy-Clean Lineup

Mansfield Plumbing Adds High-Efficiency Vanquish to Its Easy-Clean Lineup

Simple toilet tweaks minimize water use and cleaning time

For families where water waste is top of mind, Mansfield Plumbing Products, an American manufacturer, has them covered with a new high-efficiency version of Vanquish. Using only 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), this toilet still tackles stubborn stains—but without the environmental impact.

Vanquish was designed specifically for families, with efficiency and cleanliness kept at the forefront. This new commode improves the standard toilet in three main ways:

  • Side-mounted seat hinges: With this standout feature, you get a top surface that’s easy to wipe and cleans up quickly instead of maneuvering around stubborn, hard-to-clean corners and knobs.
  • 2x the rinsing power: Using either 1.28 or 1.6 total GPF, Vanquish directs twice as much water to rinse the bowl, leaving it sparkling clean. Additionally, the strong flush performance makes clogs less likely to occur.
  • Quick-Wipe PuraClean® Glazed Surface: This specially engineered glazed surface has a smooth finish that wipes down quickly and is resistant to bacteria. The high-gloss finish sheds stains and debris, keeping the bowl cleaner longer.

“At Mansfield, we want to help families across the country worry less about maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of their toilets,” said Phil Cunningham, vice president of marketing. “Vanquish provides peace of mind because it’s environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, quick to clean and always reliable, leaving time for more important things.”

In addition to those three differentiating features, Vanquish boasts an elongated SmartHeight bowl, which makes sitting and standing easier. It also has a new and improved flush valve and trip lever for simpler maintenance. All things combined, Vanquish is the perfect fit for families who want more fun—and less filth—in their lives.

Find Vanquish at any Mansfield distributor or retailer to see how it can enhance your bathroom.

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