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Now Available: New SSI Series Submersible Pumps

Now Available: New SSI Series Submersible Pumps

Franklin-Electric Submersible PumpsThe new SSI Series Submersible Pumps are now offered as a cost-effective, high-flow option to meet the demanding pumping challenges in irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch models with flows from 85 to 1300 gpm at a maximum of 1250 feet of head, this stamped stainless steel pump family is fully serviceable and corrosion resistant.

What Makes The SSI Series Unique

  • Its I-Blade technology increases the structural integrity of the pump’s internal components, pumping more water per horsepower and improving efficiency when compared to traditional impeller designs.
  • Utilizing tungsten inert gas (TIG) progressive welding, the metal materials are mixed during the process, creating a stronger bond for durability in harsh environments.

The entire series can be sized using Franklin Electric’s “FE Select” sizing and quoting software. Other series features include the PTFE floating wear ring, ceramic bearing journal, and Nitrile rubber-fluted bearing that ensure added durability against wear for long-lasting performance and reliability.

For more information about the SSI Series, click here.