Home HVAC Marlo Coil Introduces the Marloair™ Modular Air Handling Unit for Commercial Building

Marlo Coil Introduces the Marloair™ Modular Air Handling Unit for Commercial Building

Marlo Coil Introduces the Marloair™ Modular Air Handling Unit for Commercial Building

Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced today the introduction of an advanced commercial, modular air handling unit that can be customized to meet a building’s exact needs, without the high costs and long lead times of custom units.

The new air handling unit, called MarloAIR™, was developed by Leonardo DRS’s Marlo Coil business, a leading manufacturer of heat transfer, refrigeration and air handling equipment for more than 90 years. The system features pre-engineered modules that can be configured to meet the needs of office buildings, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities and other commercial buildings, with output ranges from 8,000 to 24,000 CFM. The unit can be shipped fully assembled or as individual modules, allowing easy transport to and through a building, making it ideal for retrofit applications in addition to new construction.

“With the MarloAIR air handling unit, customers no longer have to choose between high-priced custom AHUs with long lead times and off-the-shelf units with limited features that don’t meet all their needs,” said John Buck, Director of Technical Engineering Applications at Marlo Coil. “Now they can get the best of both worlds: the customization they need in a pre-engineered unit that drastically reduces both cost and lead time.”

The MarloAIR offers a unique and thermally efficient wall system, featuring galvanized steel wall panels with 2″ thick polyurethane foam insulation, integral thermal breaks and full-perimeter, double-sealed gaskets. The unit’s frames are made of military grade extruded aluminum, and the base system is constructed of 10-gauge stainless steel. Configurable components include air intake, filter, door, heating, cooling and fan modules, plus Marlo’s well-known Stratomizer® dampered face & bypass coil that efficiently preheats and tempers outside air, and protects against freezing.

The new MarloAIR modular air handling units will be sold through Marlo Coil’s nationwide network of independent manufacturer’s representatives. For more information, visit www.marlocoil.com.

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