Home Plumbing Rheem’s Triton LD Water Heater Among 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners

Rheem’s Triton LD Water Heater Among 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners

Rheem’s Triton LD Water Heater Among 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners

Rheem’s Triton Light Duty, a commercial gas water heater, was announced as a 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winner.

The AHR (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration) Expo, which was held in Chicago January 22-24, 2024, brings together manufacturers and suppliers to showcase the latest HVACR technology.

The 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards winners are chosen annually in ten industry categories, representing the most innovative products and technologies in the market.

“There’s no shortage of innovation in HVACR right now,” said AHR Expo Show Manager Mark Stevens. “To be recognized as an award winner is a true honor and an indication that we as an industry are responding to real problems with creative solutions. The Innovation Awards aim to highlight this innovation trajectory and celebrate those that are pushing the bar.”

A smart, robust solution for small businesses, Triton Light Duty is the most intelligent high efficiency commercial gas water heater on the market. Boasting built-in smart monitoring and precise leak detection, the unit prevents downtime, manages water heater issues, and keeps businesses running smoothly. It is perfect for retrofit or new construction. With changing regulations, Rheem designs with sustainability in mind. Triton Light Duty (LD) is designed to promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility and holds the potential to drive transformative changes in the way water heaters are conceptualized and manufactured.

With a capacity ranging from 50 to 75 gallons, Triton Light Duty’s patented combustion system and helical coil heat exchanger provide maximum thermal efficiency and durability. The latest Triton offers up to 97% thermal efficiency and eliminates downtime with the ability to detect and prevent water heater problems before they occur thanks to LeakGuard™ — an all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system capable of limiting water leakage outside the tank. The helical coil heat exchanger offers maximum thermal efficiency and energy savings. With porcelain/ glass-coated steel, corrosion is minimized, extending the life of the tank while the unique minimum weld joint construction increases durability. Most importantly, the unit features a built-in condensate neutralizer, which eliminates the need for a separate device to raise the pH of the condensate for safe draining.

Triton LD is part of a decarbonization portfolio to transition away from less efficient water heaters, thereby reducing carbon emissions and environmental impacts. This signals a strong direction for the future, where new product development is likely to be influenced by an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Energy efficiency will take center stage as manufacturers strive to align with evolving regulations and meet strict carbon emissions reduction targets set by state and local governments.

The AHR Expo Innovation Awards draw hundreds of manufacturers to enter breakthrough designs for new and never before seen solutions or improvements upon existing products and technologies. All entries are reviewed and selected by a panel of third-party judges made up of distinguished ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) members. Evaluations are based on overall innovative design, creativity of the product or service offered, product or technology real-world application, as well as overall potential market impact.

In addition to celebrating innovation in HVACR, the Innovation Awards provide a means to strengthen the industry by allowing for the AHR Expo Workforce Development program, which aims to grow the industry through programming geared to inspire future members of the HVACR community. Funds collected from the entry fees are donated to programming at the student level, including show field trips, curated introductions to professionals and manufacturers, laboratory equipment and monetary donation to student programs in the hosting city.

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