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Next Generation Berner Air Curtain Fuses Classic Aesthetics With Performance

Next Generation Berner Air Curtain Fuses Classic Aesthetics With Performance

Berner International introduced the Architectural Icon 8 and Icon 10 to its Architectural Collection of air curtains. The two models make this collection the HVAC industry’s quietest high performance air curtains for protecting open doorways in hotels, retail, restaurants, healthcare and other market applications where thermal comfort, aesthetics, and energy savings are valued.

The Architectural Icon 8 and Icon 10 models, are redesigns of Berner’s renowned Architectural Low Profile 8 and Architectural High Performance 10 air curtains. In addition to quieter operation, the Icons’ redesign includes architectural quality aesthetical upgrades and AMCA-certified performance, while maintaining a similar price as their predecessors. The redesign utilizes the industry-leading, aerodynamic platform developed for Berner’s Architectural Contour air curtains.

The Icon 8 (1/5-hp) and Icon 10 (1/2-hp) PSC motors combine with other air movement components and a refreshed cabinet design to deliver the lowest operating sound and harmonic dB of any 10-speed air curtain on the market. The performance-to-noise ratio leads the air curtain industry when operating at AMCA 220-certified performance specifications that engineers depend upon for complete door protection. EC motors (1/5 and 1/2-hp) are optional and equally quiet.

The Architectural Icon 8 (8-1/4 (h) x 20 (d)-inches) and Icon 10 (12-3/4 (h) x 25-1/2 (d)-inches) air curtains are available from 3 to 10-feet and 3 to 12-feet lengths, respectively. Standard cabinet is clear satin anodized aluminum that complements today’s aluminum/glass commercial entrance and metal architecture trends. Stainless steel and powder coats in dozens of colors are options.

The Icon’s refreshed aesthetics offer an elegant new take on Berner’s classic streamlined architectural D-shape air curtains. The redesigned intake screen has been repositioned to reduce sight lines into interior components augmenting the versatile, low-key nature of this design. As with other air curtains introduced by Berner in the past three years, the Intelliswitch digital controller is treated as a design element and built-into a strip articulated alongside the air stream outlet.  Taking a cue from furniture design, Berner’s minimalist mounting hardware has been simplified even further, allowing for a tighter fit to the wall with less effort.

The air curtain is programmed and operated through Berner’s industry-leading, factory-installed Intelliswitch digital control platform. The Intelliswitch features pre-set programs, a time clock, time delay, built-in thermostat, 10-speed fan control, and other integrated, end-user customizable features. The optional Berner AIR smart controller and app can be added to the platform, allowing operation and monitoring from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The Berner AIR includes true BACnet integration and a proactive adaptive setting based on the weather.

The Architectural Icon includes steam heating options, as well hot water and electric heat. A thermostatic probe monitors the coils and reports the temperature to the Intelliswitch. The electric heating option uses Berner’s proprietary Venturi electric heater system that heats supply air from a unique blower intake setup versus the industry standard of positioning electric coils in the airstream which makes the air flow less efficient.

Other features:

  • Hidden fasteners, refined shape, less sight lines to internal components add to the contemporary appearance.
  • Washable aluminum filters are removable and cleanable in less than five minutes.
  • Berner’s Pro-V nozzle and new articulated vanes help direct air for higher performance and quieter air flow.
  • Available in most voltages, including 277V.
  • Top mounting inserts and wall mounting hardware is included. Glass transom mounting hardware is available.
  • Comes in installation cost-saving single length construction up to 10 and 12 feet (3 and 3.6-meters), respectively, and can be combined for even wider doorways.
  • Designed, manufactured, assembled, and factory-tested in U.S.A.
  • All Berner air curtains are simple to install, operate, and maintain.
  • Five-year warranty on ambient, two-year warranty on heated models.
  • UL/cUL-listing and AMCA 220 certification.

Sustainability and ESG commitments – The Architectural Collection air curtains conserve energy when the door is open, and are included in Berner’s Energy Savings Calculator, which includes a GHG emissions reduction estimate.

With the launch of the Icon 8 and Icon 10, Berner’s entire Architectural Collection, which includes the Elite, the Contour, and the Recessed air curtains, is now AMCA 220-certified. This well-respected independent third-party certification allows specifiers and architects to meet the vestibule exception in ASHRAE 90.1, the IgCC, and the IECC building codes and standards.