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New REHAU BSPP To Copper Press Adapters

New REHAU BSPP To Copper Press Adapters

REHAU expands their PRO-BALANCE manifold adapter selection with BSPP to copper press adapters for 1 and 1¼ in. manifolds. The new adapters connect directly to the PRO-BALANCE manifold supply/return header with a BSPP threaded connection and transition to copper distribution piping using a copper press or solder connection.

The REHAU BSPP to copper press adapters are especially suitable for snow and ice melting applications with an onsite manifold vault separate from the boiler room. Since the adapters provide a direct transition from the manifold to the pipe, mechanical contractors are now able to run copper distribution piping all the way from the boiler room to the manifold vault without the need for additional threaded connections, soldering or valves.

“Adding BSPP to copper press adapters to our PRO-BALANCE manifold line gives mechanical contractors more flexibility in their hydronic installations, providing another option for how they run distribution lines,” says Mark Hudoba, vice president of REHAU building solutions for the Americas region. “The ability to make direct connections between the manifold and copper pipe without a series of additional connections further contributes to a quicker, more efficient installation process.”

Learn more about REHAU PRO-BALANCE manifolds at https://www.rehau.com/us-en/pro-balance-manifolds.